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WIX - a global leader in website & business technology promotes Flair on LinkedIn

We recently updated our own branding with a new website and a spiffy, modernized logo with our UK colleague (and fellow WIX Partner) , Matt Lowe of mattlowedesign.

Whew! Just in time!

This morning we arrived at the office to a LinkedIn alert telling us posted a spotlight about our agency.

We've been busy with website design and marketing for existing and new clients so we haven't officially started promoting our own makeover yet (but we did get our cute new Flair shirts! :)

As long time WIX Partners, we appreciate the years of support we've received from the talented WIX team. WIX's innovations in web design technology have helped us provide our clients the latest in advanced website technology and performance.

Want to learn more about how Flair can help your business meet and exceed its goals? CONTACT US >>


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