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Client Spotlight: Julie Ricketts, Owner of Downtown Salon

What do you love most about what you do?

Being a part of the community. We consider ourselves the neighborhood, Salon. I love making women feel beautiful I love making everybody feel beautiful and loved.

Was there a person or experience that inspired your career?

My mother was my mentor. She was a hairdresser, owned her salon, and as a single mom raised three children, and a very comfortable lifestyle.

What does your business do better than anyone else?

We make you feel pretty uncomfortable, and if you’re a gentleman, we make you feel handsome and comfortable. We try to treat everyone the same from 0 to 100.

What do you wish you could change?

I wish I could change some of the attitudes that I’ve been going on since Covid.

Tell us about you!

I love my family and my grandchildren. I love going for long walks with my puppy dog. I like biking, hiking, and skiing. I like being outdoors and feeling alive. My favorite TV shows when I was a kid... hm... I guess I’d have to admit I was a Dark Shadows fan. I did watch a few soap operas. I was a big Western fan. I love John Wayne. I love the Ponderosa. I used to ride a lot and didn’t spend much time watching television.

Anything else you would like to add?

I love having a small business in downtown Fredericksburg. We will be celebrating 25 years this year. it’s hard to believe it has been that many years and in the same location Fredericksburg is a good town to live in a good town to work in. Part of this community has always been a big part of my life.

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