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web design marketing agency fredericksburg va

After 5 @Flair

A Young Professionals  social Group
in Fredericksburg, VA

We all deserve some fun!

Come on over after work - around 5:30.

Grab a drink, some snacks and hang out with your people. 

Not awkward. Promise. 

Here's the Scoop





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Why Go?

  • Meet New Friends!

  • Make your Thursday WAY more fun!

  • Expand your network - Get to know other local professionals at a cool and casual social event

  • Get involved! We're open for ideas, activities and boredom busters!

What is a "young professional"?
A young professional is someone typically under age 40  (or who identifies as under 40)

Who will be there?
All kinds of young professionals have been invited - Lawyers, marketers, wealth managers, sales reps, realtors, contractors, managers, trainees, designers, magicians (ha, just seeing if you're paying attention).

Know somebody we don't? Bring them along!

How do I join?
We keep it cool and casual. No formal membership or fees but let us know if you're coming so we can plan for the free Flair food and drinks.

After the Flair Happy Hour, we'll continue the party at a local bar, brewery or restaurant (bring your wallet for that).

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