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Do-It-Yourself Website Design Costs a Fortune

There are plenty of website design platforms out there trying to convince business owners they can create their own website from a template.

Some of our happiest clients are business owners who tried to do just that and realized later, the tremendous value of an experienced pro.

Sure, business owners could spend hours learning advanced accounting skills or cleaning their own offices but few do. Why?

Because there are professionals who can do it faster, better and more consistently - ultimately saving time, money and maybe their sanity.

Professional Website Designer for Business
Poor website design and performance costs your business more than money

There are many reasons to hire a professional website designer but these are the most critical:

1. MARKETING, SALES & PROMOTION It's extremely difficult to market your own business. When you're an insider it's hard to see your business as a potential customer. It's even more difficult to create a concise message that resonates with your target audience. Try packaging everything into a high performance website design that accurately and professionally reflects your brand image and can become overwhelming very quickly.

A professional website designer with marketing expertise can cut through the barriers to your business and showcase your products and services in a way that connects effectively and profitably with your target audience.

2. HOW MUCH IS YOUR TIME WORTH? Will you make more money cultivating a new client or struggling to perfect your website design? Is it worth hours to make your own updates and changes (and potential mistakes) when a web professional can do it in 10 minutes?

As with most businesses, time is money. With continuous advances in technology, website design and maintenance has become more labor intensive, not less - no matter how many drag and drop web platforms try to convince you otherwise.

3. WEBSITES ARE NEVER "DONE" In the old days (and in digital that could be 6 months ago) a website design was updated infrequently, if ever. These days, not only is it essential that website content be updated on a regular basis but new applications and technology are released every day. That means a website can look outdated in as little as 18 months. How many people do you know who want to do business with a company that looks like its stuck in 1995?

A professional website designer will maintain the content and design of your website but more importantly, will continuously keep your business looking current and cutting edge. And if you're the type who doesn't see the value in upgrading your iPhone 5 to a 12, get this: Your website rank (SEO) is directly related to how relevant and current your website content is.

4. MORE THAN A PRETTY FACE There is a lot more to websites than how they look. Regular maintenance includes monitoring the performance analytics, tweaking keywords, optimizing images, meta tags and other SEO essentials throughout your website. If your "ultra cool" website design looks great but doesn't perform then it's not worth much to your business.

Professional website design maintenance monitors usage, potential errors, potential broken links, tags and other details that are essential for your website to generate the rankings and traffic you need to grow your business. Identifying, and also correcting any errors or flaws in your site, promptly and expertly, will protect the integrity of your website design investment and your business's professional image.

It's time to start thinking about your website as more than a web page. Your website is one of the most important marketing tools your business and possibly the first and only impression a potential customer will get of your business. MAKE IT COUNT.

Ready to make an investment in YOUR business and start seeing real results?


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