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Imprint Talent Readiness: Flair provides website marketing for business consultants

Client Spotlight: Ana Quinn, Co-Founder at Imprint Talent Readiness.

website marketing for business consultants

What do you love most about what you do?

At Imprint Talent Readiness, we are a family business that is blessed to partner with growth-minded individuals who are aspiring to become the best versions of themselves as servant leaders in their rapidly growing businesses. We aim to assist leaders interrogate their reality with data to grow, to inspire their full potential in an effort to accelerate servant leadership in rapidly growing companies.

Is there a person or experience that has inspired your career?

I am not sure there was one individual or one specific experience that inspired me or my husband and business partner, Chris. It was more of a series of experiences and in working with an array of leaders (some great and some not so great) that inspired us to serve others. Chris' inspiration was fostered through his experience as a United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer serving two deployments to the Middle East as well as an Aide de Camp for a Major General before beginning my business career. He often refers to one of his favorite quotes by Eugene Kennedy: "Ambition is most mature not when you know what you want and how to get it, but when you understand what you possess and how to give it".

What does your business do better than anyone else?

Who: We are Trusted Advisors to the fastest growing owner-led companies in the NC Research Triangle with revenues ranging from $4MM to $800MM. We spend more than 100 hours per month in closed door confidential sessions with business leaders addressing business challenges and opportunities.

What: Actionable data: We leverage people data to help leaders and businesses make better decisions.

How: Impact / Results...Our solutions make measurable impacts on our client’s business.

Our Proven Process: Transferring Knowledge to Grow Leaders.

Our Guarantee

If we cannot 'make it right' we will refund your money.

What do you wish you can change?

Chris and I would perhaps paraphrase this, not so much what we could change, but we hope that can continue to partner with growth-minded and servant leaders so they in turn can contribute and impact those which they serve and for the generations that follow.

Tell us about you!

Favorite activities are spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, exercise, reading and sharing and learning from others all while being forever grateful and blessed with the life that God has granted us.

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