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The Myth of the "Simple" Website

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How professional website design and maintenance can help build your business

Fact: There is no such thing as a ‘simple’ website.

Even plug-and-play design templates (or themes) that include complex elements require optimization and other tasks to perform well.

Website design is a lot more than just how a website looks. Design is functional. It plays a critical role in a visitor’s user experience (UX) and whether the site is going to generate the actions and results you need.

Important questions we consider when we design your website:

  1. Does your website design enhance or detract from your brand, message, and goals?

  2. Is your navigation easy to follow? Is it easy to access information?

  3. Are all elements optimized for search? Image tags, Alt text, long-tail keywords, unique page descriptions & page titles at the proper length, ideal image sizes, mobile-friendly, etc.?


Important Tip:

Your website should clearly communicate who you are and what you do but most important - it should answer the question:

“Why should I hire you?”


These are the top comments we hear from business owners:

I don’t make that many changes so I don’t need maintenance services

Fact: Fresh content added on a regular basis is an important part of website maintenance because it directly affects your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

Google & BING reward websites with new content that matches what people search for online. Why? Lots of reasons: data mining, remarketing, ad sales, better quality content match to keep interest and credibility high, etc.

Website maintenance is not just adding new images and updating information but optimizing new content each and every time it’s added to the site. Where most novices get into trouble is not knowing how to optimize or forgetting these details.

Web platforms have become more complex. Amateurs can make mistakes they can’t or don’t have time to fix.

Website maintenance is also monitoring Google Console activity, Google Analytics, and other performance data resources to ensure the website code and pages are working properly, addressing any code alerts promptly, and managing the overall health and wellness of the website.

Website maintenance is so important for the health of the website and business marketing, we’ve changed our business model to provide website services only with professional maintenance and management services.

An amateur can destroy a website in a single day. Without an optimized website, it’s nearly impossible to succeed with other marketing services.

My website was #1 yesterday but now it’s #3. What’s wrong with it?

Easy answer: Nothing.

Think about it. It’s impossible for your website to always be #1. Without a rotation of rankings, how would any other business ever have a chance to rank on search?

SEO is a complex, ongoing process, not a single action. As search engines become smarter (they understand context, not just keywords), the best way to rank high on search is to follow best practices consistently.

There are no shortcuts. It’s not realistic to expect your website to rank on page 1 only a week or two after launch. But over the first four to six months, if proper SEO strategies are implemented, clients see their website rankings climb.

Digital marketing services such as Google My Business Optimization, Customer Reviews, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing promote your business while they drive more traffic to your website.

Website rankings are affected by many factors -

  1. Design & navigation

  2. Optimization of major elements - images, headline hierarchy, alt text, meta descriptions

  3. Proper length page titles, URLs

  4. Quality content including well-written text with keyword phrases

  5. Backlinks from sites with high domain authority

  6. Competition

  7. Marketing and paid digital promotions

A good webmaster will advise you about the many ways you can improve your website performance. Many business owners underestimate the importance of investing in digital marketing services to drive more traffic to their websites.

Work with your webmaster or digital marketing agency to develop promotion strategies that help your website rank, but more importantly, to help you reach or exceed your marketing goals.

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