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The Secrets to a Successful Website

Hint: It's more than award-winning design and routine updates and changes!

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Most people don’t realize their websites need much more than routine updates and changes.

Search is competitive. A website and its content must be relevant to your target audience and search engines to rank.

There are many micro-tasks required to optimize a website. The list below is a general overview of how we optimize clients’ websites.

No longer is a website a static digital brochure or design-it and forget-it project. It’s an interactive marketing tool that requires constant attention to details. The integration of these details are what get your website in front of the audience you’re trying to reach.

Surprise! It starts before the website design even begins.


Who are your customers and why should they hire you? What are your business goals?

What drives your branding, website design, and marketing strategy? Your ideal customer and how your business solves their problems.

Start with the end in mind. Your business goals are critical to develop effective website strategies to achieve those goals.


We build your website with marketing strategies to attract attention. We compel action with branding, design, messaging, calls to action and other essentials.

After the initial design, the website is further optimized. Primary elements include navigation, page structure, tagging and coded background elements.


Many people don’t realize mobile optimization functions like a separate website. Your audience uses mobile devices differently than computers. Mobile requires a different process and strategy. We streamline mobile content for a better user experience. Every change made to the computer version of a site must be updated on mobile.


This is where clients can help optimize their website performance. Google’s algorithm rewards fresh content. Google views websites with new content as current and relevant. Relevant websites appear higher in search results. Many businesses never update their websites at all and wonder why they don’t perform well on search. Monthly updates to your website would put you ahead of most of your competitors.


Clear communication - What You Do • How It Benefits Your Customer • Call to Action (call? email? buy?)

Your website has about 5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. They want to know what you do but they really want to know WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO FOR THEM.

Then you need to tell them what to do. Market research proves a "Call Now" before a phone number increases results by as much as 60%!

We design websites with compelling headlines, subheadlines, images, color psychology and other strategies. These tactics move visitors through your site and convert them to potential customers.


On-Page SEO is a never ending process. Over time, we analyze website data to improve keywords and design. We optimize new content to ensure it matches what your target audience is looking for.


Every website we manage includes Google Analytics code to track website activity. We use other software to verify data and traffic acquisition channels.


Most businesses need ongoing digital promotions to drive traffic to their website. Digital marketing provides direct links to your website. Engaging digital marketing promotions generate traffic and increase visibility. This results in more leads for your business.

The most effective marketing services to increase website traffic include:


Google changes its algorithm and best practices on a regular basis. This complicates everything about website performance and SEO.

It’s a full-time job to stay ahead of digital marketing algorithms and trends. Our experienced team and professional development and software systems keep your business performing its best online.

Have a question about marketing and website optimization? Feel free to reach out!

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