How You Can Get More 5 Star Reviews

for Your Business!

How Much is a New Customer Worth to Your Business?

Increase Your Fans so They Can Help Promote Your Business!

5 star customer reviews are more influential and generate more new customers for businesses than traditional advertising. The fact is, 97% of shoppers will consult a business's online reviews before making a purchase decision. Flair Communication not only helps businesses increase the number and quality of their online reviews, we also help you manage your online reputation by responding on your behalf to mediocre or poor reviews. Our online reviews service actually helps you reduce bad reviews by giving you the opportunity to address problems before they can be posted online. 

How Your Business Benefits from Our Reviews Campaign Service

  • Get valuable feedback from your customers

  • Generate referral business from 4 and 5 star reviews

  • Reduce the chance of a bad review

  • Increase your website traffic & calls

  • Improve your website search ranking

  • Increase your online visibility

  • Optimize your online reputation


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How Our Customer Review Generator Service Works

Hint: It's super simple for you!

Process Overview

  1.  We create custom emails under your brand to request feedback from your customers

  2.  All reviews and feedback are sent to you via email

  3.  Only 4 & 5 star reviews are invited to post on Google, Facebook and/or other services of your choice

  4.  3 stars or less are only sent to you to give you a chance to address any problems or concerns

  5.  Your customers will receive an initial request with up to 2 reminders over a 14 day period.

  6.  Customers may opt out at any time. When they respond, communications end.

Your Role 

  1.  Email a spreadsheet of your customer emails to us each month

  2.  Each list will include first name (for personalized emails) & email address

  3.  Your list is completely secure & our system is HIPAA compliant for medical patient privacy

  4.  We spread the review requests so you get more consistent reviews over time. 

How We Handle Your Reviews

  1.  We respond to every review as your business - to show appreciation

  2.  No one will know you are using an agency - every communication appears to be coming from you

  3.  You can expect to see immediate results

What Happens with Bad Reviews?

Bad or mediocre reviews (3 stars or below) won't come from our campaign as our system only forwards 4 and 5 star reviews for posting. However, customers can still post reviews on their own. Don't Panic! 

Many businesses ignore negative reviews and feedback. When we use PR best practices to address the negative review, it helps demonstrate that your business is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and wants to make things right. This alone often diffuses a disgruntled customer and even if it doesn't, it shows other potential customers that you care enough to respond in a professional, productive manner. Sometimes, this can actually be more influential than a 5 star review because a potential customer is assured you will acknowledge and address a bad experience. Any business looks good when things are  going well. It's how a business handles a bad situation that really proves the value of its customer service. 


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