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3 Reasons It's So Hard to Market Your Own Business

Did you know marketing agencies have been known to hire another agency to brand their businesses? That's right. If you're overwhelmed with your unique value proposition (why someone should hire you), colors, fonts, pixels, images, resolutions, logos and other details, it's probably time to call in a pro.

Struggling to market your own business? Maybe it's time to hire a pro!

1. It's very hard to step back and see yourself as a potential customer

Most entrepreneurs eat, sleep and breathe every detail of their businesses. Obsession is not an exaggeration. Consequently, many business owners get caught up in technical jargon, buzzwords and acronyms guaranteed to glaze over even your most loyal supporters. Starting out, you may get away with a focus group of a few friends or family members but if you're serious about scaling your business, hire a professional to develop a marketing strategy. It will definitely minimize time and aggravation and in the long run, save you a lot of money.

2. Mistaking branding for a bunch of colors, fancy graphics and a website template

Looking pretty or cool is not the only standard for a business brand or logo. It's not only what you like, it's what will appeal & send the right message to your potential customers. There is actual science that goes into branding and design. If you want to be a professional - hire a professional.

3. Entrepreneurs often think they can do it all themselves

Even established business owners wear many hats and never seem to have time to get it all done. Business owners should spend time on activities that generate revenue. What's more valuable to your business? Spending 6 months struggling to design an amateur looking website or investing a few thousand dollars to have a professional make you look like a million dollar business the day you open? Sure, we all have limited funds but courting your customer becomes exponentially harder when you're not "dressed" for the occasion.


A professional marketing brand & strategy can last a lifetime

Investing in the most critical foundation of your business - your marketing image - can save years of frustration and financial struggle by creating a solid base on which to build your business. Stay focused on your passion & leave the rest to the pros

Ready to partner with a team of proven marketing professionals?

Contact Flair Communication for a free, 30 minute consultation - 540-940-2801


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