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Kip Cassino, Author: Flair provides website marketing services for authors

website marketing services for authors

Client Spotlight: Kip Cassino, author of newly published book, Incident at Aviano.

What do you love most about what you do?

I've wanted to write as long as I can remember. For decades, I was too busy with work I love (market research and forecasting) to spend the time necessary to write books. Now that I have the time, I love taking the ideas that have spun around in my head for decades and turning them into written word. I'll put out a book a year until God stops me.

Is there a person or experience that has inspired your career?

There have been many. My wonderful life-partner Helen, who convinced me to start writing, my son Christopher -- my critic and friend, my daughter Charlene. I have been blessed to have them in my life.

What do you do better than anyone else?

I'm a good writer, or so the critics and reviewers tell me.

Tell us about you!

Like most writers, I'm a big reader. I love walking through the neighborhood, getting much needed exercise while I look for characters in the next book on my mind, watching old movies, watching my grandchildren grow, and -- of course -- writing.

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