FAQs for WIX Websites

How much does it cost?


Many factors determine the cost of your website. Project complexity, integrations and designer expertise are the major ones.


Even a basic website requires hours of work to design and optimize properly for search engines. Expect to invest at least $1,495 - $3,995+  for a professional, 3 to 5-page website. Beware of low-ball pricing.


A bad website design will hurt your business. More than looking unprofessional, poorly designed websites rank low on search, may violate Google Best Practices, and will do nothing for your business. 


A good website designer is worth the investment. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

WARNING: It's impossible to accurately price a website project without knowing the details. You may be sold on a low price but could be facing a future of endless add-on fees.  A designer should send a custom quote only after speaking to you first.

The best way to compare pricing and services is to get at least two or three written quotes and be sure to verify professional references.




How do I choose the best designer?


  • Choose a designer you feel connected to and can communicate with. This will serve you well as the project progresses.


  • Review the designer's portfolio. Designs do not need to  match your exact business. The designer's style should reflect the general look and feel you want to achieve with your own site.


  • Ask for professional references. Make sure the references are clients for whom the designer created and/or managed a website. This is important. You want to know their skillset is in their ability to deliver an outstanding website design.


  • Is the designer responsive and easy to reach by phone and email? An unresponsive web designer is one of our industry's  biggest complaints. This is unacceptable and a red flag for your website project. Make sure the designer can deliver on time and on budget.


  • Is the designer knowledgeable? Website design is not only about creativity. Technical details and optimization features are important for your website to perform well.





Is maintenance worth it?


A better question is: How long do you want your website design investment to last? Professional maintenance can extend the life of your website for years.


WIX and other platforms make website design & maintenance look easy. It’s not. Proper website maintenance takes a lot of time. Fixing technical problems can be challenging.


The reality? Websites maintained by non-designers deteriorate. Fast. Changes and updates alter the original design. Pros preserve the design integrity of your website and protect your design investment. They also troubleshoot common problems more efficiently. WIX Partners have priority access to support. A pro can fix your website problems much faster than you can.


How do I know you’ll deliver what I want?


Your designer must have a process to discuss your goals, design preferences, and needs. This may include phone calls, emails and/or design questionnaires. Preliminary discovery work is essential to get the design you're looking for.  The best way to determine if a designer can deliver is to ask current and previous clients. 


Is WIX a good choice?


Wix is one of the best and most secure website platforms on the market.  Many design features and applications are free in the basic platform.  Premium applications are inexpensive and add powerful functionality to your website. 

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