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Cool Client of the Quarter

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The Bailey family has provided quality commercial construction services for generations. Jack Bailey, III founded JBR in 2003. His son, Jack IV and daughter Tammy are leaders in the business, bringing another generation to the Bailey legacy.


The Flair Team was excited to be invited to visit JBR's latest excavation project in Fredericksburg & we were in for quite a surprise!

Pictured left - Jack Bailey III & daughter Tammy Dye, JBR, Inc

Flair Spends the Day Digging Dirt!

Marketing for our clients we are often intrigued about their businesses. We had been joking for a while that we really wanted to drive one of those giant JBR excavators. One day Jack dropped by to see our new office & the next thing we knew we had a date to visit JBR's latest job site. How cool is that?? 

Naturally our first question was, "What do we wear?" It's hot in June but shorts were out. (apparently those cause accidents) LOL 


Jack chauffeured us to the job site in (what else?) a big dog of an SUV. We were about to find out why in a few minutes. Off-road cruising is no place for sissies, especially on a site with a cliff-like vertical drop, rocks, ruts & who knows what else but Jack handled it like the pro he is. His daughter, Tammy who is part of the JBR leadership team met us with personalized, pink hardhats (soooooo coool!!!) and fluorescent safety vests. We appreciate that JBR is strict about safety. We were ready to report for work! 10 minutes after we arrived our sneakers were full of dirt but we didn't care.  


It was going to be a dusty but delightful day!

website development for general contractors
website development for general contractors

Tammy & Jack surprised us with our own personalized pink hard hats & safety vests -

WE       THEM!! but, wait - we were just getting started!

website development for general contractors


"You're hired!"  -- Jack Bailey

Literally - Loads of FUN!

Thank you - Jack, Tammy & the JBR Crew for an amazing day! 

website development for general contractors